How Charitism Works?

Charitism is one of it kind platform in India which is transforming the way people give to charities with the help of e-commerce.


Millions of fortunate souls like you are willing to help but are concerned mainly about three things.

  1. Are the beneficiaries really genuine?
  2. How much of my actual donation goes towards helping the needy?
  3. What is the impact of my donation?

At Charitism,

  1. We ensure that all the beneficiaries are on boarded after strict due diligence and documentation process.
  2. 100% of what you donate reaches the beneficiary of your choice as there is no fees or commission charge to the donor or the beneficiary.
  3. Each donor gets to see the proof of impact transparently as she receives a pictorial evidence of the delivery.

100% Transperancy

The platform is free & 100% of your donation is used for the social cause.

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