Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Charistism?
Charitism is a crowd-sourcing platform where donors can donate products that are in need to social organisations instead of giving money.
Why Should i Trust Charistism?
Charitism is one of its kind platform which brings in a new layer of trust and transparency in the donations made to charities by delivering products directly to them instead of giving money We have added these unique features on our platform where transparency was given high priority.
When my donated product be delievered?
All the products that have been obtained during a campaign will be delivered at the end of the campaign. However if the organisation requests us we can deliver the products before the end of the campaign
Can i donate products offline visiting ngo?
Charitism lists down the quantity of products that the organisations are in need of at that particular time. If any donations are made offline it would be really difficult to track them and update. So we suggest donating products on Charitism and later visit the organisation once these are delivered
Who will fix the quality of products listed?
Charitism gives varied quality and price options to organisations and it is upto the organisation to choose which products they would like to list in their campaign.
Can i donate used products?
Charitism is a platform only to raise new and durable products. We only list the high quality products on different campaigns of our website. There are lot a of other avenues in which second hand products can be delivered to the NGO's.
Why Charistism is better than other platforms?
At Charitism our vision is to make giving back fun and engaging. Organisations use traditional crowdfunding websites to raise funds but these charge close to 10% of the amount raised which is huge whereas Charitism is a completely free platforms for the NGO’s.