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Sponsor A Plate Of Dog Food For Our Stray Dogs.

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Dog Food Plate

This dog food combo will save the dogs from malnutrition and save them from hunger. Sponsor a plate of dog food to help our four-legged furry friends amid the corona crisis.

Rs 45/Plate

The corona crisis has not only forced the entire world indoors, but has put India’s four legged strays in extreme distress. Unavailability of food and water in the scorching summer is impacting stray animals all over the country. With restaurants and eateries downing shutters and food trucks parked at homes, strays have been struggling to find food to kill their hunger. They have nothing to eat, not even leftovers that they always relied on. Our partner NGOs like The Thaagam Foundation and The Nirvanavan Foundation are feeding the strays and the needy regularly. You can help them feed even more dogs just by sponsoring some meals.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in who's life. Sponsor a meal for some dogs and we will share with you a picture of a meal marked with your name on it.

The distribution will be carried out by our partner NGO's like The Thaagam Foundation in the areas of Rajasthan and Chennai.


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We ensure 100% transparency with your contribution

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