Sponsor A Grocery Kit To Help The Poor Families.

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Grocery kit

This grocery kit can serve a poor family for many days. It includes Rice, Dal, Oil and Salt. These families need our help during the crisis. Please donate to feed the needy.

Rs 500/kit

Amid corona crisis, an employment strike has hit the whole country. A large population of the unorganized sector such as the daily wage workers, the construction labourers, farmers and etc do not have the required resources to survive. They depend on their daily wages to bring the daily meala for their family.

These marginalized communities are already helpless as they don’t have proper homes, fixed income or enough resources. These individuals from under-served communities are suffering from hunger. Many of them have almost exhausted their ration supplies and most do not have access to avail goverment schemes due to lack of awareness and sufficient documents. while many of the students rely on midday meals which have also shut amid the cororna crisis.

A few supplies such as atta, rice, dal, and oil can help these families a lot. These families need our support and help. Lets make sure that corona virus do not push them into starvation. The distribution is taken care by our NGO's like The Thaagam Foundation and The Nirvanavan Foundation in different areas of Rajasthan, Maharastra and Tamilnadu. Donate a grocery kit to the poor now.

The distribution drives are conducted by The Nirvanavan Foundation and The Thaagam foundation in the most vulnerable areas of Rajasthan and Maharastra.

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